Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Welcome to the iByte Productions blog. We have a couple of casual games under development.

iByte's initial foray into the world of game development was attempting to apply some gaming to the business of app sales. Our first game was matchPoint Challenge.

Not exactly eye candy but it was a very good lesson in app development on a number of fronts. (fill details in)

Our next attempt was a Kids version of the same type of app but with much better visuals. Our friend Chris Hildenbrand did a lot of the graphics for the this game. So far Apple has not approved the game due to issues on how they say we are using the iTtunes affiliate imagery. What's interesting here is that an update to matchPoint Challenge was submitted at the same time, was approved and it uses exactly the same concepts that Apple is having issues with in Kids MatchPoint Challenge. We are still trying to get it approved and we will see what happens with our recent re-submission.

Note this post is incomplete.

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